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A "PRIVATE PARK" within a Protected Natural Park.


May I introduce myself: I am Ampelio Bianco. I was born on these hills and have lived here ever since. At a certain point in my life I decided to buy an estate on the hills, where it was possible to build a house; in September 1991, after long difficult searches, at last I found what I was looking for: a unique, special place on the Euganean Hills.



At first it was impossible to imagine, the property was completely covered with bramble and weeds which had choked the olive trees; in the middle of it, the remains of a building which eventually gave me the possibility to build the present house.



Everybody thought I was mad, nobody could see anything good beyond that bunch of savage bush. Nevertheless, I fixed and widened the existing terraces, reclaimed the land with extreme difficulty owing to the very strict and careful regulations of the Euganean Hills Park Authority, especially as far as landscape, environment and – consequently - building are concerned.



The Estate covers 30.750 square metres, it is a private park within a protected natural park, on the highest area of Arquà Petrarca, in one of the most suggestive parts of the Euganean Hills. It stands as a "balcony" suspended over the Po Plain, overviewing a 180° breathtaking panorama. The Appennines can often be seen far away in the clearest days. It is partly covered by wood, with the typical broad leaved species, while the remaining surface is characterized by the typical terraces, on which 340 olive trees of eight different varieties are grown; they produce an extra-virgin oil of excellent quality, living side by side with a hundred jujubes which give us their tasty fruits in autumn.


Reach at the house through an internal road of about 200 metres close at the entrance with a gate included to supervisory control and entry phone, so you can just move freely inside the estate, in complete privacy.


The building is a typical ancient local house, with its local stone façade; the roof and the internal porch were built with wooden beams and original terracotta hollow tiles, which were recycled from a single ancient roof; about the house, the original ancient stone paving comes from a Venetian square.


The house develops on two levels for a total surface of about 260 square metres, plus a basement garage of 100 square metres, and boiler room.


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