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Enogastronomy in the Euganean Hills


The Euganean hills are a luxuriant green oasis, a range of about a hundred woody small hills, far from the city chaos. It is an area which produces excellent D.O.C. wines, delicate olive oils as well as genuine cooking exploiting the hills’ "mine" of native products.


The search for volunteer, self sown sprouts and herbs was born and spread in these peaceful surroundings, to make tasty soups, delicate "risottos", fragrant omelettes and colourful side dishes: here you can find the "rampussoli", the "pissacani" the "bruscandoli", the "rosole", the "gallinelle" and the "sparesele".


 Home-made pasta, like the "bigoli al torchio", excellent with a duck meat-sauce, or the tagliatelle or "risi e bisi" (rice and peas) are part of the local tradition, still rooted in the numerous restaurants on the hills.


Among the meats, it is worth tasting the well-known gallina padovana (Paduan hen), proposed with different dressings and cooked in various ways; or again, the rabbit stew, the stuffed guinea-fowl, the fried chicken. The famous "Torresani" - pidgeons grown on the towers in Torreglia and its surroundings - are another speciality of the Euganean cooking.



This is moreover the production area of more than 13 D.O.C. Wines (certificate of controlled origin) among which the famous prize winning "Moscato Fiori d'Arancio". And here, among vineyards and cellars, unwinds the Euganean Wine Route - Strada del Vino Colli Euganei. The production of honey and olive oil is also remarkable. They can be bought directly in the oil mills or in the delicious shops of local delicatessen.

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