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The discovery of a story

Imagine a PRIVATE PARK inside a Protected Natural Park, in the highest part facing south of the Euganean hills "PEARL", ARQUA' PETRARCA.

Walk up past the medieval village along a narrow street leading to the heart of the hill. When you are on top, at a height of about 250 metres, look right and you will see....

"HIM" a fairy tale secular CHESTNUT TREE, the home of the eagle-owl. With its wise, imposing look, he seems the guardian of an enchanted castle, the guardian of history and life; he seems to tell you : "STOP...SET YOUR MIND FREE...GO BACKTO YOUR ROOTS AND BE OPEN TO EMOTION...

Can you see that gate? Walk through it, enjoy the view!


The gate opens, a big stone welcomes you, it has a writing on it, in the ancient Euganean style – 1991/2011 – and you realize that a row of luxuriant olive trees and a stone paved path will take you inside history.


After a while you’ll start catching a glimpse on the astonishing panorama which opens in front of you: jujubes, laurels and local vegetable species guide you along the way up the hill.


As the path smooths out a row of olive trees preceding a small wood creates a welcoming lane… you catch a glimpse of the marvels arising a thousand sensations, and you long to get there where the panorama opens. A stone wall holds up a wide terrace, you feel sospende on the world below, an infinite horizon where nature goes on giving you endless emotions.


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